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Looking to looking to launch a new or redesign an existing website? As a web design consultant, I provide maintenance and development solutions & services for musicians, businesses & non-profits.

On-line Resume


New opportunities in front-end web design and website development


I’ve worked for 25 years this month(November, 2017) holding down the same airshift at a local radio station. And during my nearly 30 year tenure in public broadcasting I’ve interviewed dozens of internationally acclaimed jazz artists, hosted thousands of hours of jazz programming, and published online content and e-newsletters for years. That should be as good of a foundation for any employment, anywhere.
This leads into my work as an independent IT consultant. As a “one-man band” I’ve developed multiple small business websites, many for musician and art clients. What’s more, I’ve troubleshooted problems including host migrations that didn’t go as planned(one host provider left me in the lurch, leaving the only copy of a client’s files on the local computer!) restoring damaged or “off-line” websites, and an e-commerce crisis that required a 24-hour solution due to an app that turned out to be the worst on the market.
Some of the websites I have developed over the years include:



and also..  (Jazz web content editor)



Creighton Institute/Omaha, Nebraska: 6 month Java Programming Course, Completed in Summer 2000.

University of Nebraska at Omaha: Major: Broadcast Production. Graduated 1992.


What I Do:

I specialize in creating from the ground up small business websites, or upgrading them to be more effective. Each website is tailored to the needs of the individual client.

Previous work include 2 sites for locally owned retail stores, a temporary assignment on a team to relaunch a vocal arts website, and more.


HTML, CSS, Javascript. Experience with FTP transfer for website construction and maintenance, e-commerce setup, creation of video and audio for websites, client music promotions, and mobile friendly site navigation construction.

References available upon request. 

If you’d like to see what I can do for your web presence, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

-Christopher Cooke


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