The Presence of God is my “safe” space

The Presence of God is my “safe” space. For over three decades, I have surrendered daily into the Living Presence of God, which has been the core practice of my ongoing spiritual work and investigation into the nature of Consciousness. As my meditative & devotional practices have deepened over the years I have realized the absolute necessity of surrendering to the Divine.

Truth is the Divine Presence. And as I have found out through decades of study of holy texts from the entire human spiritual tradition, the request is made, one way or another to a   surrender to the Divine, never the “me” that cannot by fed and satisfied by the quest for experience.

I have realized in total contrast to the psychotic, neurotic world of self-obsessing individuals that the “me” that countless millions fixate around is not “truth”.  That “me” cannot be fulfilled in this life, nor is it possible.

And I can no longer remain silent. The unpredictable nature of this world is no longer sustainable by the status quo of polite indifference or withholding the testimony of my life of service to the Divine in order to stay “popular” on social media.

And so it begins. Welcome to the start of my spiritual autobiography, a work in progress. Stay tuned!



Devotee of God, contemplative, writer, friend, website solutions consultant & jazz program host.

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